Located in south Alabama, our mission is dedicated to the production and preservation of the endangered descendants of the first cattle introduced to the American continent. Florida Cracker Cattle are hardy, disease resistant, heat tolerant and calve easily.

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The Andalusian Cattle Company is working to promote the benefits of silvopasture farming and the contribution Florida Cracker Cattle have made to this nation's founding and its cattle industry. Silvopasture is an agroforestry practice that integrates livestock, forage production, and forestry on the same land-management unit. Silvopasture systems are deliberately designed and managed to produce a high-value timber product in the long term while providing short-term annual economic benefit from a livestock component through the management of forage or an annual crop component. The plants benefit from weed control, natural fertilization and fire control from the reduction of dry material on the forest floor.

The livestock benefit from the partial shade keeping the forage from drying out, and young, tender, nutrient rich forage increases weight gain, reduces cost and improves the health of the animals. Further, the partial shade helps to cool the animal and the livestock are less stressed from the heat of the summer sun. In a balanced silvopasture system, CO2 and other waste by-products are filtered and/or absorbed by the timber thereby negating any harmful effects to the planet. A silvopasture system is more pleasing to the eye as the blend of pasture and forest replaces stands of densely packed rows of commercial trees or miles of dry, brown, combustible grasslands devoid of trees.

As for the animals we produce, those offered for sale are grass raised, grass finished, non-GMO and antibiotic free products. 

Registered Florida Cracker Cattle


Our mission is to promote and recover the endangered Florida Cracker Cattle breed. Columbus, on his second voyage, brought Corriente cattle and horses to Hispaniola. First brought to the American continent by Ponce de Leon in 1521, the Corriente breed, from the Andalusian region of Spain, was later introduced to Central and South America. These foundation animals, through natural selection and their local environment, became the Florida Cracker, Texas Longhorn, Mexican Corriente and Romosinuano cattle from Colombia. While in some publications you will find the word Criollo referring to the cattle, the word Criollo was used to refer to animals and people that settled the new world.



The Andalusian Cattle Company offers several products for sale to local and distant consumers.

Live cattle can be reserved with a deposit of 50% of the agreed upon price with the remainder paid on or before pickup. Additional fees such as veterinary inspections, feed, shipping and delayed pickup may increase cost to buyer.

Meat sales, when available, will be determined by amount purchased and cost for shipping.

Produce and timber sales will be determined by an agreed upon price at time of offer.

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